with Michèle Phillips

What to bring & wear

• Please bring a yoga mat if you have one, a cosy blanket

  and maybe a small pillow or cushion for your head during


• Wear comfortable clothes that will move with your body

• Ideally come on an empty stomach

• Be prepared to work with bare feet

• Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class

• A bottle of water may be required

Class Etiquette & Guidelines

• Let the teacher know of any new injuries or health issues

  prior to the class

• Arrive with plenty of time to park, lay out your mat, remove

  any layers and settle yourself

• Be prepared to make space for others as they arrive

  before the class begins, i.e. moving your mat or other


• If you arrive late or need to leave early, be as quiet as

  possible, assisting any doors to close quietly

• Either leave phones at home or turn to silent so as not to

  disturb other students

• Keep jewellery to a minimum.  Necklaces especially can

  be awkward in upside down poses!

• Do ask if you are unsure of your posture or ask for help if

  you are uncomfortable.

• Work at your own pace, yoga is non-competitive, don’t

  even compete with yourself!

• Please return any props borrowed during the class

• Equally embrace and enjoy the postures you can do easily

  and those that are more challenging

• Relax and have fun

Your Yoga classes are designed for men and women

of all ages and all abilities.  Everybody practices at

his or her own level, and within his or her personal

range of comfort.  The classes are friendly and fun.

During the class the golden rule is ‘No Pain, No Pain’.

If something hurts, it’s a sign to ease off, don’t push

beyond your limits and ask for help.


Your Yoga classes apply modern techniques to the

ancient wisdom of Hatha Yoga.  In each class we

gradually mobilise joints, wake up our bodies, and use

a sequence of standing postures to develop core

strength and flexibility that will help us in our daily lives.

Throughout, we are learning to listen to our own

bodies, to accept and be kind to ourselves.  My aim is

that you leave my classes relaxed, yet invigorated.



About the Classes

“Each morning we are born again.

      What we do today is what matters most.”


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