with Michèle Phillips

“Each morning we are born again.

                    What we do today is what matters most.” Buddha

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try a class before committing to a whole term?

Yes. For all group classes you are welcome to come

and have a free trial class before signing up to the

remainder of the current course.  Make contact

beforehand to ensure that there is space available.


Can I join mid way through a course/term?

Yes, you are welcome to start at any time during the



Do I need specialist equipment?

It is necessary to have a non-slip exercise mat (this

can be borrowed for a trial lesson), a blanket is good

to use as a cover to keep warm during relaxation and a pillow may aid comfort in lying positions.

You should wear comfortable clothing which allows a full range of movement and be prepared to work

with bare feet.


What is expected from me in class?

An open mind, a little effort and a smile is always

a bonus.

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